Elite Fitness

Elite In-season Program

We have partnered with Corey Favell and Favell Fitness to offer some of the most detailed analytics and complete player breakdowns  in the Niagara Region. Our goal is to help players understand their bodies, individual limitations and potential with our on ice and off ice development, strength building, recovery and nutrition plans.

This is for players serious about taking the next step. This program is not built for "Excuses". Early mornings, hard workouts and focus during skates will be key to maximize the players potential. Results will vary based on the individuals commitment to the program. Our goal is not to burn the player out but help them understand recovery, preparation and self awareness.

The average player loses close to 20%  of their overall strength and muscle endurance during the course of the season. We will help them understand where their body is at with monthly evaluations and educate them on the best methods for recovery. We will utilize on ice training to maximize foot efficiency, tactical training and Hockey IQ.

Each player will be given a full report cards at the completion of the program with on and off ice breakdowns, recommendations and goal setting for the off season.

We will not be offering any online registrations for this program. If interested contact:

Mike Macdonald mike.macdonald@truestride.ca


Corey Favell corey.favell@gmail.com