Mark Jankowski, Calgary Flames, NHL

“Coach Mike really gave me the confidence to perform on the ice and further develop into the hockey player that I am today. He pushed me hard in practice and in games to always strive to be better and to succeed.”

Kim Brown, Buffalo Beauts, NWHL

“Coach Mac helped me in my journey to get to the next level by pushing me out of my comfort zone - Mike brings his skill and a passion for the game to deliver a phenomenal skills and skating program. After having the opportunity to train with him at Brock and throughout the summer following my final season as a Badger, I pursued my goal to play pro and had my first season in the NWHL.”

Chris Manicci, Umass-Lowell, NCAA

“Mike is one of the best motivational coaches that I have played for. A true ‘players coach’ that knows how to get the most out of his players.”

Matt Abercrombie, Blue Devils Weiden, Germany3

“Coach Macdonald provides very productive in game instruction as well as positive reinforcement. He knows the set game plan for offensive situations and improvises quickly in between shifts in order to counter act teams defensive strategies.”

Isaac Smeltzer, Colorado Eagles, ECHL

"Mike has helped me in all areas of the game. He brings a competitive coaching style coupled with a strong knowledge of the game. He has a knack for special teams and honing systems which establishes the team he coaches as one of the top contenders."

Dan Dooley, Brock Badgers, CIS

"Coach Mac has continually set the bar in terms of preparedness, work ethic and commitment with the Brock University hockey program. He has demonstrated professionalism and leadership both on and off the ice earning the respect and trust among all of us. It has been a privilege to have played under him for 3 years."


Derek Brochu, Toledo Walleye’s, ECHL

"His knowledge of the game and ability to teach drastically improved my game. The individual time he spends with players allows each player to develop in their specific ways."